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Elgin Bounty


Terra Madre Pomme Classique – normandy style dry Elgin cider, 750 ml

Rockhaven Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil – intense, peppery, new season olive oil, Elgin, 750 ml

Terra Madre Raw Blue Gum Honey – second crop honey from farm TM hives, 400 g

Terra Madre Granola – with Elgin honey, toasted nuts & seeds, 330 g

Chilli Pickles – tracer chillies grown organically on the farm, 390 g

TM Chris’ Greek Spice – superb blend of spices, 35 yr old family recipe, 550 g

Terra Madre Marmalade Jam – prepared from 2017 new season citrus, 300 g

Terra Madre Grass-Fed Beef Drywors – the real deal, 150 g

Terra Madre Grass-fed Beef Biltong – old school prep, salt, vinegar & coriander, 150 g


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